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Transportation and warehousing

Stainless steel corrosion resistance of passive film formed on the surface, so it should be careful attention to maintenance to keep this passive film is not damaged. In the process of transportation and warehousing of stainless steel clad plate need to pay attention to the following link:
- Custody should pay attention to moisture, dust, oil, lubricants, etc., in order to avoid surface rust, or welding the poor corrosion resistance decreased.
- Intrusion of water between the film and steel substrate, the corrosion rate but than no film, even faster.
- Warehouse storage should be placed in a clean, easy to dry and ventilated place, keep the original state of packaging film of stainless steel should avoid direct sunlight light, the film should be done periodically to check if the film deterioration (film life of 6 months) should be immediately replaced, plus a pad of paper packaging materials if wet, to prevent surface corrosion should immediately get rid of the pad low.
-Transportation in order to avoid surface scratches, use rubber or sleepers as much as possible and made ​​of stainless steel to protect the special material, to avoid the fingerprint surface contamination, the operation should wear gloves.
- Stainless steel composite panels, composite volume in the lifting of the proposed use of specialized spreader.Only use the rope slide easily be dangerous, easily bruised, scratched the surface of stainless steel clad, resulting in defects.
-Stainless steel composite volume when stacked, it is recommended that following the laying of protective material such as rubber sheet, to avoid the steel plate surface crushed. Must be used when the piling up of stainless steel clad plate skids, the skids should have the same height, while the same distance from each other, the right, the weight of the steel plate can be uniformly distributed, to avoid the flatness problem.
Storage of:
- Composite panels recommended indoors, if stored outdoors should be covered ponchos. When stored indoors, it should be to monitor the indoor temperature and humidity, to avoid dramatic changes in temperature and humidity caused by the "condensation" phenomenon.