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Chlor-alkali Chemical Industry

  Chlor-alkali industry is a raw material industry in our country, and its products commonly include basic chemical raw materials that are extensively used in the industries of light textile, papermaking, pesticides, medicines, building materials and metallurgy. Chlor-alkali industry is one of key projects in the chemical industry, and exists stronger corrosion as its medium and products used in the production process such as saturated salt, wet chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid have extremely strong corrosion, therefore, the structural materials for equipment must be cautiously selected in the production process of chlorine and alkali, or it can cause the phenomena of evaporating, emitting, dripping or leaking in production, and seriously affect the normal production and product quality. In recent years, with the rapid development of chlor-alkali industry and emerging of new equipment and new technologies, the utilization of stainless steel composite boards is gradually enlarged in the chlorine and alkali industry due to its excellent chemical property, thermal arrest and processability, and it is widely used to produce electrolyzers, coolers, heat exchangers, dechlorination towers and chlorine cooling and washing towers, which greatly reduces the construction cost and prolongs the lifespan of equipment.