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Lighting Lamp Post, Flag Post

  With development of urban construction, and increasing demands on anticorrosive and beautiful variable-section lamp posts year by year, coated composite straight tubes existing on the market can never meet different modeling requirements, while rolled polished composite steel boards can obtain better machinability and coefficient of thermal expansion less than 50% due to reasonable proportioning of carbon steel base plate and clad materials, making sure the great reduction of strain hardening and bending corner radius, attractive work-piece form and availability for different variable-section lamp posts. The stainless steel composite boards have the same surface quality as the stainless steel and have low market price by 30%-40% than that of stainless steel, which fully reflects the perfect combination of excellent performance and low price, and has great market potentials. Each street of large and medium cities needs this material that has great market prospect and is the top choice for various lighting lamp posts, stadium and pipe structures of exhibits.