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  In recent ten years, with the increasing specific gravity of China shipbuilding industry in the global market, China has become one of important shipbuilding centers in the world, and the transfer of international manufacturing is the largest opportunity for the development of China shipbuilding industry. China is the second largest crude importing country in the world, but high-sulfur crude imported from Middle East has stronger corrosion to ships and oil tanks, the anticorrosion to ships is the most important problem facing the shipbuilding industry. Some developed countries such as Japan and Germany have utilized stainless steel composite boards as main material in production of oil tankers, oil storage tanks and chemical tanks. Because the matching industry lags behind in our country, the shipbuilding industry has to import matched products and materials from Europe, Japan and South Korea.
  At present, stainless steel composite boards that are produced in hot rolling brazing method have been developed, that is to wrap high anticorrosive stainless steel at one face or double face of shipbuilding plate to substitute or replace the traditional anticorrosive process. Its application in the production of ships and oil tanks can bestow ships with long anticorrosion capability and ensure strength of ship plate. In recent years, high anticorrosion stainless steel’s price is between RMB 40,000 and RMB 60,000 every tonnage, by contrast, the price of each tonnage of high anticorrosion stainless steel composite boards used for oil tanks, chemical ships and chemical tanks is only RMB 16,000 and RMB20,000, the cost by utilizing the stainless steel composite materials in production of ships, oil tanks and chemical tanks is reduced. At the same time, it can meet the practical, anticorrosive and strength requirements. In 2008, the annual output of various stainless steel composite boards achieved 100,000 tons in China, and the domestic demand was estimated at 2,000,000 tons conservatively. The demand of stainless steel composite steels in shipbuilding has great potential.