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Heating furnace
Heating kinds: general carbon steel, presented.the just, high quality carbon structural steel and low alloy steel, etc.
Furnace type: double heat storage three sections of walking beam type slab reheating furnace
Billet specifications:150~300×1400~2300×2500~4100mm
The stove maximum heating ability: hot billet:240t/h;Cold billet:180 t/h




Rough mill
Roll the biggest KaiKouDu:700mm 400mm
The biggest rolling speed:5.07m/s 7.22m/s
Electric pressure the speed:0~50mm/s 40mm/s
Biggest rolling pressure:92000KN




Bilateral cut


Straightening machine


Nominal rolling force:9000t
The force of bending roll: each roller neck of 400 t
Rated torque:2×1562 KNm
Rolling specifications range:6~120mm×1600~4200mm×6000~52000mm

Bilateral cut


Bilateral cut shear steel specification
Thickness: 6 ~ 50 mm; Length: 7000 ~ 43000 mm
Finished product plate width specification: not to flash plate 1600 ~ 4200 mm; Remove flash board: 1500 ~ 4100 mm
Maximum shear force: 2 x 7000 KN
Shearing speed: 16 ~ 30 dao/minutes
The biggest trimming width: 150 mm; Minimum trimming width: 20 mm or 1 ~ 1.5 times thickness

Straightening machine


Straightening thickness range: 6 ~ 100 mm
Width range: 1600-4180 mm
Length range: 6000 ~ 43000 (52000) mm
The biggest products weight: 24 tons
Straightening roll body length: 4500 mm
Straightening speed: 0 ~ 120 ~ 150 m/min