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Introduction of clad plate
Clad steel plate is a composite steel plate, with carbon steel as base material and stainless steel, Titanium or Inconel Alloy as cladding material. The two layer of steel plate is usually bonded...
Yantai China deputy general manager Wang Qiusheng come to visit
In the afternoon, the general manager of our company LiuChun composite in bench and floor met with the deputy general manager WangQiuSheng by yantai China does a line of yantai China tour.
We successfully hosted the clad plate in the petrochemical storage industry technology seminar
Sponsored by my company, "hot-rolled stainless steel clad plate in the petrochemical storage industry Seminar on November 9, 2011 on the 10th was held in Jinan Iron and Steel. Professor Wu Tongzhu...
Jinan Iron and Steel Group Chairman Bi Zhi-chao, the composite panels company research
November 18, Jinan Iron and Steel Group Bizhi ultra-chairman to the composite panels company research and made ​​important instructions: An expansion of the composite plate development plan in two pha
11th Asian Stainless Steel Conference
The 'health' of the global stainless steel industry has been widely dominated by events in China. Raw material prices 'exploded' as a result of the rapid expansion of the Chinese stainless steel indus
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