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Titanium Clad Plate

Titanium Clad Plate Baode Metal Clad Plate team successfully developed and produced rolled titanium plate. Its test results well satisfied the requirements of GB/TB547-2006 "Ti-steel Clad Plate" ...

Pipe line Steel Clad Plate

Pipe line Steel Clad Plate Pipeline steel clad plates are widely used in oil-gas transportation. Besides the high compressive strength, the low-temperature toughness and welding performance is very...

Ni-based alloy pipeline steel clad plate

With the development of oil and oil-gas fields, the condition of transport has become more complicated and the requirement higher for pipelines carrying corrosive media. Taking the opportunity of...

Duplex steel stainless steel clad plate

Because it has excellent corrosion resistance especially resistant to stress corrosion cracking of duplex stainless steel, has gradually become a kind of important material of stainless steel in...

Stainless steel clad pipe fitting

Two kinds of metal composite pipe is embedded in a new composite pipe fitting together, is a more ideal upgrade product pipeline. It has both the stainless steel corrosion resistance and excellent...

Ordinary stainless steel clad plate

Stainless steel composite slab is made of carbon steel and stainless complex layer through a special production process (patent technology) composite plate together. The main features of it are...

Wear resistant stainless steel clad plate

Wear resistant stainless steel composite plate using high-quality wear-resistant stainless steel and carbon steel wear-resisting, with wear-resistant, corrosion resistance etc. characteristics.

Stainless steel clad plate for storage tanks

Stainless steel composite plate as a resource conserving products, reduce the consumption of the noble metal, greatly reduce the project cost.To achieve the perfect combination of low cost and high...

Stainless steel clad plate for public facilities

Along with the development of urban construction, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and elegant uniform change section lamp post demand is increasing year by year, recently appeared on the market of...
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