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Li Changqing, deputy general manager of Jinan Iron and Steel Group, held a symposium at the composite board company

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On December 16, Li Changqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Jinan Iron and Steel Group, deputy general manager and chairman of the labor union,went to the composite...


  On December 16, Li Changqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Jinan Iron and Steel Group, deputy general manager and chairman of the labor union, went to the composite board company to hold a symposium to listen to the suggestions and opinions of the cadres and workers on work and life.
  After the arrival of Li Changqing, he asked everyone to make their own suggestions and opinions, and strive for a shot. Afterwards, the symposium quickly entered the theme, and the employees who attended the meeting were very enthusiastic. Everyone spoke in an informal and lively manner. Some employees proposed to open up the market for better support subsidiaries. It is hoped that the group companies can treat the assessment of capital occupation and other aspects according to the development situation of each unit; some employees reflect that the composite board company has been developing steadily year by year, and the current factory scale has not adapted to the company. The development needs, and hopes to expand the production area; some employees suggest that the group companies should increase incentives for those who have innovative and effective measures to prevent the loss of backbone; some employees talked about the Jinan culture from the perspective of Laoji Steel. Maintaining and developing, using corporate culture to gather popularity and encouragement; and employees suggest that equity reforms should be carried out as soon as possible to encourage employees to hold shares; some employees propose to strengthen the construction of talent teams and timely supplement the vacancies caused by labor clearance and employee retirement. And improve the entry and exit mechanisms of employees to meet the needs of employment. Other suggestions such as safety production, income distribution, project approval, etc. have also been mentioned by employees. Everyone is scrambling and talking freely. The atmosphere at the symposium is very warm.
  Li Changqing affirmed the targeted and responsible speech of the staff of the composite board company and was pleased with the company's development wishes and development potential. He asked the composite board company to gather ideas, do a good job in planning, and expand the market share with marketing as the center to consolidate the low position in the metal composite board industry. Li Changqing emphasized that it is necessary to build confidence and seek common development. Everyone must have full confidence in the development of Jinan Iron and Steel, see the hidden opportunities in the predicament, and realize their own and corporate dreams through hard work. It is necessary to continuously deepen reforms and inspire vitality. Anything that is conducive to the development and growth of enterprises must be promoted as soon as possible. The problem group companies that need help from the group companies will fully coordinate.

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